University Cooperative School

Auction Materials

The annual school auction is a big hit due in part to each years' theme. For 2009, the theme was the Pacific Northwest Coast Native American tribes. Leveraging Native American themes, each element was hand-drawn and incorporated into a rosette pattern.


Logo development

This small elementary school is run by enthusiastic parents willing to help further the school’s mission that life is a journey, not a race. With this in mind, a teacher/parent committee was formed to develop a visual identity program showcasing education as a hands-on, child-centered experience. As part of this committee, I endeavored to work with the many approaches and viewpoints as we developed the logo.



Along with this new identity, a website committee was formed to bring the school into the 21st century. My role was to help visually renew the existing website with the support of the newly created identity.



Close to my heart is communication. At U Co-op, the 3rd - 5th grades are grouped in a ‘pod’and as the children go about their week filled with academics, activities, field trips and discussions, the parents are often left wondering what is happening at school. This 3-5 Pod newsletter is the go between for bringing parents together to volunteer, learn what is upcoming and learn how their child’s week was spent.