Schools for salone

Fundraising campaign materials

A non profit organization dedicated to helping build schools, libraries and communities centered around education in Sierra Leone. Each year, SfS holds an Anniversary Dinner celebrating the many achievements of the previous year. This grand event also has a fundraising component that serves to deepen the organization's success. The children featured in the materials, benefit greatly by having educational resources, and represent the upbeat culture of Sierra Leone. Their lives have been transformed by the work of Schools for Salone.

2015 Anniversary Dinner

For the 2015 Anniversary Dinner, a rich orange hue highlighted Sierra Leone's landscape and cultural warmth to give a sense of place for the first roll out of the new look. With the orange theme, we sought out african textile patterns found on the printed fabrics women wear. Creating a collage of these patterns, the 2015 Anniversary Dinner invitation and supporting graphics became upbeat, refreshing and alive.

SfS_2015 Invite Pcards.jpg

The 2016 Schools for Salone calendar


2016 Anniversary Dinner

For the 2016 Anniversary Dinner, a green thematic color represented the lush green trees
that dot the landscape ofSierra Leone. 

Schools for Salone 2016_collection.jpg

2017 Anniversary Dinner

For 2017, water became the grounding color to represent the connection
that Sierra Leone has with the sea. Along with invitations, an RSVP,
a Save-the-Date email, we created another calendar this time with the water theme.

SfS_2017 Invite RSVP.jpg
SfS_2017 Calendar.jpg