seattle housing authority


For 2016, SHA maintained its focus on the people whom they serve, allowing for resident vignettes and quotes. The cover shows Marvin, a now successful resident who benefitted from SHA programs and it's community.

Seattle Housing Authority_2017AR.jpg


SHA approached me to give their signage a quick make over. Used to inform the public of upcoming land use and construction, this group of signs needed to be highly readable, informative and catch the attention of passersby.


2015 Annual Report

By all rights a government report is heavy on information and light on the visuals but that doesn't mean it needs to be dull. With a re-design of their annual report, Seattle Housing Authority was able to address both a modest budget and a new, empowering look. With major growth and expansion of programs, SHA invited prospective stakeholders to learn more about their organization through engaging photography, color and visual data.



On-going communication is essential in a place where data is important and is constantly evolving. Using a newly-adopted color palette, these brochures were produced to become
a source of information for specific audiences.


Seattle Housing Authority_Env Stew.jpg